Sew So Super

About Me

I am a huge comic book, sci-fi, and pop culture fan.  With Sew So Super I offer high quality Pop Culture Costumes and Props for collectors, fans, and anyone that wants to dress up for any special event worldwide. The effort i put in to making my suits consist of many hours of research and with exceptional attention to every detail. Quality, accuracy and careful attention are our primary concerns to make the best reproductions that i can.

My Mission is to produce the best handmade Costume for you to display or wear for any event.  I make sure that every costume I make has the best finish and durability to allow the wearer to look like the character he/she has dreamed of and to allow them to make moves for photo shoots, videos, or just hanging out without the worry of any malfunctions.

Here on you will see many of my suits that i have done for myself and friends around the world. 

 I have more than 10years of experience in making of standard and tailored-size costumes.